If you’ve ever found a scratch on your car, you’ll recognise the headache that can be involved in getting it seen to. It may seem like a small thing, but paint scratches can seriously affect your car’s value depending on how deep / large they are and where they are located. After all, you want your car to look its best don’t you?

At VIP Car Care, we work on the details – quite literally when it comes to your car. From detailing to protective coating services, we serve Auckland and ensure drivers don’t have to endure the frustration of scratches and other paint defects for longer than necessary

So what is paint correction?

Firstly, we should look at what exactly paint correction involves, and the simple answer is that it is the process of permanently removing any imperfections in your vehicle’s paintwork. These imperfections typically come about as a result of general wear and tear, but also through other means including poor paint application during the manufacturing process, e.g. with the dreaded “orange peel”.

Imperfections can include orange peel, hazing, scratches, swirl marks, and many other blemishes that can ruin any car’s otherwise pristine exterior. The paint finish on cars is different from most others in that it typically includes a clear coat to give the car a protective sheen. The result is typically a hi-gloss finish but even matt-finish car paint jobs include a clear coating.

What about scratches?

There are all kinds of methods that can remove scratches, but your best bet is likely to be paint correction. In terms of the steps needed, the first step is the wash process, which involves removing all surface contaminants. If needed, the vehicle will be wet sanded or levelled, before buffing and polishing – then it’s a case of sealing and waxing the vehicle for the finish.

Wherever you’re going, we can ensure your vehicle gets there in the condition that carries the style and sheen you purchased it with. We’re always happy to go the extra mile, as the devil is always in the detail.

Whether you have the latest supercar, or something a little more traditional, we’re on hand to offer our services in the event of even the smallest scratch. You can check out our website for more information on why we’re the best at dealing with paint correction in Auckland.