Alloy wheels are one of the most challenging things on your car to keep in pristine condition. You can polish your paintwork, buff your windows and deep clean the interior, but your alloy wheels are another story.

They can be damaged by potholes, curbs, loose stones in the road and more, leaving them scratched, scuffed, dented or chipped.

Getting your alloy wheel repair done by professionals at VIP Car Care in Auckland will ensure that your car looks great again and retains its value. Plus, repairs are often far more cost-effective than replacement.

What Is The Process For An Alloy Wheel Repair In Auckland?

When taking your car in for alloy wheel repairs in Auckland, the process will generally follow along these lines:

  • First, the alloy wheels will be cleaned so all damage can be thoroughly assessed.
  • The tyres will either be masked off or removed depending on the extent of the work to be done for the repair.
  • Scratches and scrapes will be sanded until smooth.
  • Chips will be filled.
  • Depending on severity, cracks may be welded back together.
  • A primer will be applied to seal the metal.
  • The alloy wheels are now ready to be painted in your choice of colour.
  • A ceramic or graphene coating is applied to all alloy wheel repair(s) done by VIP Car Care in Auckland to help protect them against further damage, brake dust, tar residue and oxidation..

Why Should You Get Your Alloy Wheels Repaired?

While technically it is not possible for alloy wheels to rust, it is possible for them to corrode. Over time, water and air will combine with the aluminium alloy, which leads to aluminium oxide corrosion. This is much more likely in cases where the alloy wheels are damaged, scratched or scraped.

It is always a good idea to have your alloy wheel repair done promptly to prevent further deterioration and possibly compromise the safety of your vehicle.

What Does Alloy Wheel Repair Cost In Auckland?

The repair cost will vary according to the size and extent of the alloy wheel repair. Generally, alloy wheels with a diamond cut or split-spoke design will cost more to repair than ones with simpler designs. Overall though, it is usually cheaper to repair rather than replace your alloy wheels.

Contact VIP Car Care today to book your alloy wheel repair in Auckland. We offer a professional repair service that will have your wheels looking shiny, bright and good as new again.