There are several ways that damage can occur to your alloy wheels, such as kerb damage, impacts and more.

Read on to learn about the different types of damage and what wheel repair services can do to get you back on the road again.

Kerb Damaged Alloy Wheels

Sharp turns, parallel parking and driving on a flat are all ways you can scuff your wheels.. Damage can be from minor scratches to more severe scrapes and even chips in the metal.

This can look unpleasant and expose the alloy to potential corrosion. The good news is that specialised wheel repair services can return your alloys to their original condition reasonably quickly.

Take your car for wheel repair services so your scratched alloys can be sanded smooth, and chips can be filled. A protective seal should be applied to safeguard your alloy wheels.

Bent Or Dented Alloy Wheels

If your wheel has had a significant run-in with a kerb, a vehicle or another hard object, your alloy wheel may be bent or dented. You will immediately know if you have this damage as it is visible to the naked eye.

Luckily, repair specialists can straighten out most dents and bends and make your wheel good as new again. These wheel repair services can save you a lot of money because the wheels will typically be cheaper to repair than replace.

Cracked Alloy Wheels

Heavy impacts on your tyres will be transferred to your alloy wheels and can cause them to crack. This could cause minor or more severe cracks in the alloy. The good news is that a wheel repair services specialist can often weld the cracks back together and restore your alloy wheel to its former glory.

Corroded Alloys Need Wheel Repair Services

During manufacturing, alloy wheels are protected with a clear protective coating to prevent corrosion. However, this can be damaged by bumps, scrapes and brake dust. This then exposes the alloy to the elements, and oxidisation can occur, appearing as a white bubbling on the wheel.

Not only does this spoil the appearance of your vehicle and reduce your resale value, but it can also be dangerous. Over time corrosion will weaken the seal between the rim and the tyre, allowing air to leak out. If this has happened, you will require wheel repair services to restore your alloys and have the protective coating reapplied.

It is essential to regularly clean and inspect your alloy wheels to ascertain if they have suffered from any damage. It is always best to have the repairs done as soon as possible to prevent knock-on damage in the form of corrosion, for example.

If you have damaged alloy wheels, contact VIP Car Care today. We offer wheel repair services for all types of alloys and mags. Let us give your car the VIP treatment it deserves.