Applying ceramic or graphene paint protection to your vehicle is a great way to keep it looking clean and shiny. This protective barrier helps ensure that dust, grime, water and stains will slide off your car without a trace.

Because you are the type of person that really loves your car, you should consider having some additional treatments done when you take your vehicle in for its ceramic or graphene paint protection coating in NZ.

Read on to find out more about these great additions to your package for the ultimate luxurious treatments for your car.

Anti-Fog Protection For Interior Windows

Have an anti-fog treatment applied to your interior windows and mirror to stop them from misting up and boost your visibility.

Roof Lining Replacement

If your roof lining has faded, torn, or started to sag, you should consider replacing it. This will refresh your vehicle’s interior and make it look as good as new again on the inside.

Polishing And Ceramic Coating For Headlights

Over time the covering of your headlights can fade and become cloudy or hazy. This hampers the effectiveness of your lights and can result in your vehicle failing its Warrant of Fitness. Have them restored to their original shine and increase your nighttime safety and visibility with headlight polishing. When you have this done at VIP Car Care we will apply a ceramic coating to your headlights after polishing.

Car Odour Eliminator

If that “new car smell” is long departed and has been replaced by other less pleasant odours, it is time for an odour eliminator treatment for your car’s interior. Various things can cause odours in your vehicle, and this treatment will check for all the culprits and leave your car smelling fresh and clean again.

Caliper Painting

Upgrade your brake calipers with a new coat of paint in a colour of your choice. Also, ask about caliper decals to replace the standard ones.

Window Watermark Removal

If you hate those unsightly watermarks that appear on your windscreen, windows and mirrors, it’s time for a window watermark removal treatment. Get your glass gleaming and have high visibility all around for your maximum safety.

Carpet And Mat Cleaning

The carpet and mats in your car take a lot of strain from constant contact with dirt, mud, sand and possibly even pets. They deserve to be shampooed and deep cleaned from time to time.

Contact VIP Car Care to book your ceramic or graphene paint protection treatment in Auckland today. Use our online booking system and choose from our vast range of extras to build the ultimate package for your car’s pamper session. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our team for all the correct answers.